What makes Tokens Tick?

Wednesday, August 25th

Sharing our passion for Design, Architecture, Interiors, Lighting, the Arts, Living Spaces and the Great Outdoors.

- Emotion in Architecture and Design
Why is it that we feel emotion when we enter a living or working space?
Why is it that a piece of furniture can look fantastic in a photo, but doesn’t give us any feeling when we see it in the flesh?
Why does that particular piece of art move you and not your neighbour?
Why are architects around the world trying to create living or public spaces that inspire you and move you?

We believe that it is important to create your own living space that suits you as a person. More and more so now, the whole world moves into your life by use of computers, internet and TV.
It is important to almost create a sanctuary for yourself and a retreat from everyday life. To be re-charged.
Interiors are important. Mood lighting like Tobias Grau is important and this is a scientifically proven fact! It is a proven fact that efficiency is better in workplaces where the interior has been personalised. Australia in our opinion is lacking behind a lot of other countries.

So why aren’t we more involved in creating living environments that make us feel good? We should be!

-Create a home not a house.
We try to challenge you in creating a home and not a house;
A home is personal and emotional.
It might still look good in a photo but a house is impersonal and without soul.

-Mix styles
Therefore mix up styles to make your own.
Don’t go ‘Contemporary’. Don’t go ‘Antique’. Don’t go ‘French provincial’.
If you buy a style it will not be yours. With the world on your doorstep you can tap into all styles of this planet whether it is industrial or modern or antique, it can all be combined and blended together. We are not saying it is easy! You might need help from a professional, but please take the challenge and do what you are about and not what the magazines or the Joneses tell you to do.

-Less is more
Although our shop is full of products that are picked with ambiance, character, mood and uniqueness in mind, we note that too much of it will not create the ambiance you are after. In our opinion it is better to acquire less. Pieces should be statement pieces. If you do this, it will always work… Ah I will hear you say that that will be expensive. It will not be. We just challenge you to spend your budget on less but better pieces and your whole interior will look much better than the many cheaper items that create clutter.
Do you know that the interior costs of the loose furniture in an average household varies between 3%-6% of the value of the property? Makes you think hey!? Maybe we should give up that 4th bathroom.

We would like to compare a building with a human being.
If only the outside looked good and the interior did not get any attention, there would be no soul to the total and it will only have a shallow experience. It will be not a lasting experience and decay and disease will set in.
It is the same with houses as it is for humans. Care for your the interior!

-Light creates mood and ambiance.
Light is a great source to make magic happen. Why do we go to the theatre and feel like we are taken into another world? It is not only the warmth of the fire that attracts you to it.
To focus on Sydney: It still has a Winter feel about it for at least 4 mnths. We do not have long Summer evenings like the Northern European countries. Is there any reason not to play with ambiance light? Challenge yourself to do more than the down lights that the sparky will put in. Don’t make it an after thought!

-Quality and Sustainability
We should take care of our planet and we need to act now. We believe that within our industry we should focus more on quality than on the throw away/easy to replace products that the world seems to work with.
One of the points in Copenhagen has been to put a quality level in place for all manufacturers, so that the reject % of products should be below a certain percentage. Did you know that a well-known coffee machine brand moved to China to be able to produce cheaper and that the recall rate of machines that didn’t work was about 15%. This 15% of machines gets taken back and dumped in landfill. What a waste of resources and labour.

At Tokens we focus on quality products that will last longer and that will not be used as landfill after a short time. Preferably you could hand it over to the next generation. Particularly our Tobias Grau lights, Aubrey flooring, Windsong Outdoor Collection, indoor/outdoor tables and cabinets are focused on this.

All hardwood products we carry are either recycled or FSC certified.
FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Established in 1993 as a response to concerns over global deforestation, FSC is widely regarded as one of the most important initiatives of the last decade to promote responsible forest management worldwide.