Aubrey Oak Flooring

Tokens of Living is the proud Australian distributor of the Aubrey Oak flooring range from Europe. The range uses FSC certified Croatian oak and is manufactured to the highest quality in The Netherlands.


Please find below some impressions of the mood these floors can create. Please visit our showroom to view our sample boards and to discuss the different details available.

This timeless floor creates a mood that is beyond anything else!! Your floor is the backbone to any interior!!

Finally there is a floor available in wide boards and in large quantities,without the problems of cracking, cupping or warping!!

Below this page you can download the catalog!


The Aubrey floor was developed for use with underfloor heating in Europe. Therefore the boards are very stable and won’t cup, warp or twist. Great to use in wide boards. The multi-layered boards are manufactured with a D4 glue system which is the best available. Approx length is 2.4 mtr. Widths available: 16 / 19 / 22 cm. The Oak top layer is 7mm and the base is made of hardwood with the grain laid in different directions to create the stability. Standard thickness is 20mm. From Aug2010 there will be a 15mm available as well. For staircase threads and other details we can supply solid oak on request.


Because the Aubrey floor is so stable we can supply Metal Inlays as well. Standard corner Patterns (190x190mm) are:

Lucca 190mm Nuoro 190mm Terni 190mm Ancona 190mm Asti 190mm

There are three standard Rosette inlays available:

Salerno diam 760mm matero diam 1140mm Porenza diam 1900mm

Salerno 760mm Matero 1140mm Porenza 1900mm

Upon request we can supply custom inlays to designers specifications, like logo’s etc.


Furthermore this floor is available in about 20 different finishes. There is choice in 20 different colours as well as finish options like rustic with open or filled knots, scraped edges or beveled edges, etc etc. The preferred finish is mostly an oil-wax finish that seals the floor without the glossy look. The floor boards arrive in Australia finished, which is a great advantage in your logistics in your renovation or new built process: you do not have to sand, stain and finish on site: Just lay the floor and walk on it!


  • Available in large quantities!
  • European Oak boards in widths of 16cm, 19cm or 22cm and +/-240cm lengths.
  • Available in 20mm thickness in 16,19 and 22cm wide.
  • Available in 15mm thickness in 16 an 19 cm wide.
  • Available in Altimago┬« aging finishing to create a recycled appearance. (NO gloss look!)
  • It is an engineered floor with very limited shrinkage/extension. A very stable floor.
  • Wide boards with NO cupping.
  • It arrives finished. No sanding and finishing required after laying the floor. (Savings about $50,– / m2)
  • No sanding required for future maintenance, only cleaning and oiling/waxing.
  • Very suitable for larger quantities in an even appearance in finish and grain.
  • Suitable for commercial places.
  • To be used with under floor heating.
  • This floor can be used in bathrooms.
  • Available in different finishes.
  • Available in three different grades of aging.
  • Available with or without V-grooves
  • Adding a significant sound reduction.
  • It can be glued directly to the base floor or laid floating to clients specifications.
  • Metal inlays can be fitted on request.


  Aubrey Catalogue Nov2010
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