Designer Furniture

Wednesday, August 25th

Designer Furniture mostly relates to us as the classic design icons. Great examples of unique contemporary furniture that have stood the test of time are designs like Louis Polson/Hans Wegner/Le Corbusier/Eames/Frank Lloyd Wright to name a few.

However there is a whole world out there that has created stunning and beautiful products without being recognised as design. Unique furniture designs: for most of the time one off pieces. Pieces that are not in any design books. At Tokens of living we try to mix both of these industries and designs. It gives us the individuality that we like to offer to our clientele. The majority of our cabinets and tables etc are one off pieces that are unique furniture design. There will be no other. So if you see a piece that you like than grab it, it is most likely we will never have it again.

Tokens have a mother company in the Netherlands that we use mostly to collect individual items from all around Europe. It allows us to find unique furniture designs for our store in Mona Vale.

We are also the proud distributor of the Windsong Collection, unique contemporary furniture, made in South America. The windsong Collection is a unique furniture design. The curved benches are an art by itself by its wavy shapes.

We have added another product to our Designer Furniture range that is a very natural way of outdoor living: ‘Coast’ beanbags, made of Sunbrella marine fabrics with 5 yrs of warranty. We found that o lot of the larger couch type of seating arrangements will fix you to sit in one location. It is desired to be more flexible about the location of the seating to be able to move in or our of the shade or sun. ‘Coast’ Beanbags allow you to do exactly that. Needles to say they are very, very comfortable to sit in. Last advantage is that they sit a bit lower than the standard seat, giving the opportunity to view the view under your deck railing.