Custom Made Furniture

Wednesday, August 25th

For designing, making and supplying custom furniture, the challenge is to supply our client what he/she expects to receive. Over the years we have found that it is relatively easy to make a drawing or sketch and have it approved by the client. The tricky bit is when the final product is handed over, whether the client has visualized the same end result: To achieve that the expectations of the client will match what we expect to make. This relies a lot on our experience and the client’s perception.

It is after all unique furniture design with a high personal preference, style and taste.

To achieve this, clearly the best way is to have a reference in the shop like an existing piece of furniture for colour and appeal, backed up with a detail drawing.
The other way is to highly detail the drawings in 2D, possible in 3D and make a colour sample part (like a door) for the client to approve.

All unique furniture designs and custom furniture at tokens of living are handled in this way, to minimize a disappointed client after wards.

We will try to use local materials as much as we can to minimize the carbon footprint. For sustainability reasons we will only use FSC certified timbers.

If you have a custom product idea, a unique furniture design or project for you private use, we can also assist you in designing and manufacture your product. We can use our extensive network of tradesmen, sculptors, foundry, artists, etc to realize your idea.