Wednesday, December 7th

Chandeliers have been around for a long time… Therefore there are a lot of chandeliers available on the market! We look for pieces that will stand the test of time in quality and style.

Our fantastic chandeliers are sourced from Europe and are available in:
- Finishes of silver, off-white or rust.
- Round (9 arms) or oval shapes (with 8 or 16 arms).
- With or without shades.


What do we want to achieve when we choose to use chandeliers?
Is it a light we need in that location? Or is it a visual object we need to break the space?
If we need to light that space, what do we want to achieve with that light? Do we want to have a focus light spreading light on the table or do we want to throw light around in that space?

These questions need to be answered first when sourcing for a light or chandelier.
It is important to think about using a chandelier just as a decorative object and/or for its lighting qualities as well.

Chandeliers can do both! They do work as light providers and act as a visual object in a space, particularly in hallways and dining areas.

With these chandeliers you can create some dramatic styling with or without using the separate shades that are available.

Among others, one of the interior designers that has been using our chandeliers on numerous projects is Patricia Stewart. See her stunning work here: