13 Apr
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Avalon Residence

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Initially an Avalon client asked us to advise on (more…)

25 Aug

What makes Tokens Tick?

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Sharing our passion for Design, Architecture, Interiors, Lighting, the Arts, Living Spaces and the Great Outdoors.

- Emotion in Architecture and Design
Why is it that we feel emotion when we enter a living or working space?
Why is it that a piece of furniture can look fantastic in a photo, but doesn’t give us any feeling when we see it in the flesh?
Why does that particular piece of art move you and not your neighbour?
Why are architects around the world trying to create living or public spaces that inspire you and move you?

25 Aug

Custom Made Furniture

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For designing, making and supplying custom furniture, the challenge is to supply our client what he/she expects to receive. Over the years we have found that it is relatively easy to make a drawing or sketch and have it approved by the client. The tricky bit is when the final product is handed over, whether the client has visualized the same end result: To achieve that the expectations of the client will match what we expect to make. This relies a lot on our experience and the client’s perception. (more…)

25 Aug

Designer Furniture

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Designer Furniture mostly relates to us as the classic design icons. Great examples of unique contemporary furniture that have stood the test of time are designs like Louis Polson/Hans Wegner/Le Corbusier/Eames/Frank Lloyd Wright to name a few. (more…)

25 Aug

Sydney Furniture

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Tokens of Living was founded 6 yrs ago after the founders found that Sydney was lacking a furniture outlet with soul and character. What makes your ticker tick when you enter a space or interior? What happens with the emotions when you are in an inspirational surrounding? It is precisely that, which inspired us to start Tokens of living in Sydney. Based in Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches to have more space and air to enjoy living to the fullest and live it! (more…)

25 Aug

Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor furniture is much sought after in Australia due to its beautiful climate and outdoor spaces. Most houses are equipped with larger decks to accommodate this outdoor living. To use this external living space to its full potential we source furniture that will make it most comfortable. Patio furniture and outdoor furniture have become prime articles. (more…)

23 Mar

WA Residence

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Windsong Bench. (more…)

12 Dec

Emirates Hotels

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Furniture and Tobias Grau lighting. (more…)

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